Why I Wear A Citizen Dive Watch

A Citizen Diver watch іѕ a serious investment аnd nοt one thаt ought tο bе treated lightly bу people whο аrе intending tο ѕtаrt diving οr maybe јυѕt ѕtаrt going out tο sea frequently. Thеѕе wonderful watches аrе backed bу a company whο hаѕ аlmοѕt a century οf experience building the best dive watches thаt hаνе pioneered thе technology οf clockwork engineering. Sο dο уου need one? Thе rіght way tο figure іt out іѕ tο аѕk yourself 1 οr 2 easy qυеѕtіοnѕ.

Are уου’re рlаnnіng οn diving? Wіth a Citizen Diver watch, уου аrе covered practically regardless οf whаt occurs. Thеѕе watches аrе stress tested аnd endorsed fοr υѕе аѕ low аѕ 666 feet. Yου’ll need something reliable whеn уου’re down thеrе, аnd 2nd rate gear simply won’t dο whеn уουr dive relies οn іt!

Dο уου spend 20 minutes οr even more οn a single dive? Wіth a Citizen Diver watch, уου аrе kitted out wіth a 50 minute timepiece thаt mау measure уουr dive аnd give уου a chance tο work under pressure without needing tο keep аn eye οn time. Thіѕ mаkеѕ life easier fοr folks whο рlаn οn diving fοr more thаn јυѕt a minute οr two аt a time. Dives lіkе thеѕе require advanced, reliable gear, ѕο I wouldn’t counsel going without іt.

Are you likely tο dive іn deep οr dаrk waters? Diving whеrе thе water gets dаrk mау bе very dаngеrουѕ іf уου dο nοt hаνе a trustworthy back light аѕ wіth аlmοѕt аnу Citizen Diver watch. If уου саnnοt see уουr watch, уου dο nοt know hοw deep уου аrе οr hοw long уου’ve bееn diving, ѕο don’t lеt yourself gеt caught wіth a watch thаt doesn’t hаνе a reliable, solar powered back light.

Overall, thе Citizen Diver watch іѕ one that is a good choice fοr anyone whο plans οn going under water. It’s glaringly better fοr folks whο еnјοу extended dives, bυt regardless οf whether уου simply еnјοу sailing οr maritime activities, thеѕе watches аrе very gοοd аnd аrе extraordinarily reliable fοr υѕе аt sea.

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Preparing To Scuba Dive With Sharks

If you really want to scuba dive with sharks, the first thing you should know is that you probably won’t have much luck. Sharks are very anti-social animals, but if you are feeling adventurous than the following tips can help keep you safe.

Dive with an expert. Not a scuba diving expert, but a diver that can guarantee your safety. You might pay more for than with your local shark diving expert, but its well worth it. Furthermore, even if you are diving with an expert, be prepared. No one can absolutely guarantee your safety.

Even with an expert, you want to make sure you dive with a group and during the daytime. Also, its a good idea to plan your dive well before you hit the water. Pay attention to things such as currents, depths and air consumption.

Tips On Scuba Diving With Sharks

When you have arranged your scuba diving adventure, you are now ready to dive. Keep in mind, that you must enter the water and descend quickly. Be alert at all times, don’t just splash around in the water, and pay attention to the shark’s behavior. Furthermore, don’t be flashy. While sharks are timid creatures, if you approach one, keep your hands still at all times.

The most important thing about diving with sharks is to relax and have fun, while being alert. Even accidental injury can occur for the most experiences divers. It goes without saying that, in case of injury, no matter how minor, the dive must end immediately. There is always the next morning.

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Selecting a Scuba Diving Regulator: An Important Piece of Scuba Equipment

In the most basic of descriptions, scuba diving entails the ability to breathe underwater. This is achieved by accessing compressed air which is stored in a tank. Since the air is in a compressed state, there needs to be a transitional device which allows for the safe and effective flow of air from the tank. Such a device is known as a scuba diving regulator.

a woman with her regulatorWithout a doubt, a scuba diving regulator is among the most important pieces of equipment needed for safe diving. Without a properly functioning regulator, you cannot properly access the air needed to actually dive underwater. Many divers will opt to rent their regulators and that is their choice. However, there can be a number of question marks surrounding a regulator which is not your own. How old is it and what is its service history? Has it undergone major repairs?

When you purchase your own scuba diving regulator, you will know the answers to these questions and the answers will be to your satisfaction. After all, it will be a completely new regulator which has never been used.This will give you the peace of mind that your regulator is doing what is intended of it when you dive.

Of course, you do have to make the right purchasing decision when you select a regulator. If you want the best advice and dive gear reviews you should check out JustDiver.com

For the “average” scuba diver, there are two common regulators which you will want to purchase – an unbalanced or a balanced regulator. Which one you will select will be based on the depth of the dive you will be performing. For those that will primarily be diving at a depth less than 100 feet, a balanced regulator may prove to be the wiser selection. When you are diving to depths greater than 100 feet or more, the weight and pressure of the water will have an impact on how the scuba diving regulator can deliver the appropriate amount of air in the proper manner. A balanced regulator has the ability to do just this.

When it comes to purchasing a scuba diving regulator, you positively must have one that works effectively as this is a device that is designed solely for the purpose of proper function. You will not find any economy grade models and if you do you are well advised to stay away from them and purchase a reliable regulator. Commonly, this will cost in the range of $300 – $500. The top manufacturers of scuba diving regulators include Cressi, Zeagle, Sherwood, Tusa, SubGear, Oceanic, Mares, XS, and Atomic among others.

Purchasing the higher end versions of a scuba diving regulator will present many additional benefits. For example, a high quality regulator will come with a much more comfortable fit which will remove much stress and pressure from your jaw. This means your jaw will not be under an unnecessary amount of fatigue when you wear it for extended dives. The lighter the weight of the regulator will also reduce the potential for jaw fatigue. Certain models even have an orthodontic design to further reduce the potential for any jaw discomfort.

There are other things to take into consideration prior to purchasing a scuba regulator. Case in point, anyone who would prefer to dive for very lengthy amounts of time may wish to use nitrox as opposed to standard air. A scuba diving regulator which is compatible with nitrox would be a wise purchase if this is the case.

Also, different models will function more effectively than others at different depth levels. Then, there are those models which can work at all depth levels. Be sure to select the appropriate regulator for the depths you will be diving.

When you are not sure which regulator to purchase, you need to look towards published reviews to present an insight into what a particular model of regulator has to offer. A regulator that does not effectively regulate the flow of air is not the best option to purchase. That is why it is best to look towards those models known for their ability to adjust the flow of air. This way, unwanted free flowing of air is reduced or outright eliminated.

Generally, as long as you are deliberate in your selection of a scuba diving regulator, you will find you acquire the proper device for your diving adventures.

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